Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)


The motto of Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) in our college is to develop novel ideas and to provide infrastructure, amenities and technical support to the students for the betterment of the society.


To create an awareness on entrepreneurship among the students

To develop the advanced skill of creativity and innovative thinking

To provide all support like planning and mentoring for the start up ideas to convert it into real business adventure


To empower and inspire students to take initiatives and accept responsibilities to shine well in the challenging world

To become job creators than seekers

To foster better linkages between the Parent Institution, Industries, R&D institutions and organizations of promoting Small & Medium Enterprises

To catalyze and promote employment opportunities


Name and Department

Dr. S. Kathar Usean
Assistant Professor of English
EDC-Staff Advisors - Men

Dr. S. Rizvan Ahamed
Staff Advisor
Assistant Professor of Commerce

Dr. A. Asrar Ahamed
Staff Advisor
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
EDC-Staff Advisors - Women

Dr. A. Mehthab Shariff
Staff Advisor
Assistant Professor of Commerce

Dr. A. Sangeetha
Staff Advisor
Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics

Ms. N. Poomani
Staff Advisor
Assistant Professor of Fashion Technology


EDC –JMC has framed a panel of faculty members as the facilitators for directing students as the active members. The members of EDC –JMC will be selected on the basis of their interest and involvement to work voluntarily

To select a student as the mentor for a group of students who have business ideas under the supervision of entrepreneurs and the team of EDC faculty advisors

Training and Coaching Programmes

To guide them how to present ideas, documentations, marketing skills and finance management

To provide a platform for interaction with established entrepreneurs "face to face" programmes


To arrange for visits to industries for prospective entrepreneurs

To organize entrepreneurship awareness camps, entrepreneurship development programmes, skill development programmes

To arrange guest lectures by successful entrepreneurs and provide a platform for interaction between professional entrepreneurs and student entrepreneurs

To provide provisions to initiate innovative student projects