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EDUCATIONAL TRIP - FCRI & Western Catchment, Nilgiris

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  • 2022

           EDUCATIONAL TRIP - FCRI & Western Catchment, Nilgiris  (12.05.2022 - 14.05.2022)


            As a part of curriculum, Students of II M.Sc., Zoology have planned a three days’ field visit to Forest College and Research Institute (FCRI), Mettupalayam, Parsons Valley, Udhagamandalam and Long Wood Shola forest, Kothagiri to fulfil experimental learning so that students get exposed to wild forest and different ecosystems.                  


Day 1: On 12th May 2022, Dr. Chozhan, Professor and Head, Department of Sericulture interacted and motivated student to pursue higher studies in Lifesciences. Dr. K. A. Murugeshan, Assistant Professor of Sericulture explained the different mulberry varieties and growth parameters, germ plasm etc. The students later visited silkworm culture labs, highlighting the various stages and instars of mulberry. We were also exposed to silk reeling machineries, several stages of reeling and re-reeling, and processing of silk. After the Institutional visit, we have started journey to Queen of Hills, Udhagamandalam by bus and boarded Parsons Valley trekking shed for stay. Night stay in the trekking shed was indeed very exciting.                

Day 2: On 13th May 2022, Our field study started by 6.30am with misty freezing weather. The purpose of the field trip is usually observation for education, non-experimental research or to provide experiences outside of everyday activities, such as going on camping with classmates. After the breakfast prepared by our own, we left as team exploring wild fauna and flora of deep forest. Barking deer, lion tailed monkey, Nilgiri tahr, Leopard, Wild boar were the animals we could casually see around. The Parsons valley dam and western catchment water which arise from the shola forest is pure with medicinal importance too. Students also visited Grasslands, thick pine population, Shola forest, Small shrubs and their associated fauna.

          Day 3: On 14th May 2022, Our team started journey from Trekking shed to Kothagiri Long wood Shola forest. Students were thrilled to experience misty cloud and rain in the forest. We also visited Leopard den, old age tree populations, endemic plant varieties and some animals of Nilgiri Forest range. The forest was fully covered with thick population of trees and bushes of shrubs. Leech bites to many students made the trip unforgettable. Animals were very adoptive in their own habitat. Hence anthropogenic activities should be stopped with immediate care to conserve the existing population of animals and plants. It was the take home message to preserve and conserve forests from Mr. Raju, who is director of NGO for Conservation of Forest

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