Department of Zoology


  • 5
  • 23
  • 2022

The 8th day (23.05.2022) program of YSSP, 2022 at Jamal Mohamed College was allocated for the Zoology Department. Students both boys and Girls arrived into the Zoology Seminar Hall in all enthusiasm with inquisitive gleaming eyes by 9. AM. They all had their routine Book Reading Session first, followed by a briefing of the day’s activities & schedule by Dr. Salahudeen. M, Assistant Professor of Zoology and Convener of the event. The Presidential address was given by Dr. I. Joseph Antony Jerald, HOD of Zoology Department. He motivated the young minds and spoke to them of the importance of studying Zoology and Biodiversity. Dr. M. Meeramaideen, Assistant Professor of Zoology offered felicitations and highlighted the significance of YSSP.


For the first session, Students were split into two groups, one for ‘Bird Watching’ and another group for ‘Biodiversity Conservation’ in parallel sessions. Students were again divided into 5 groups and sent with binoculars to watch and identify birds using keys given during lecture hours. Prof. P. A. Ashique served as Resource Person for the event and provided to students, charts and pictures of birds along with identification keys and notes. The students explored the birds of Jamal campus and enjoyed the natures’ wealth.


Another parallel session on Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation was also held, side by side. Students enjoyed learning from the indoor auditorium the concepts of Habitat Fragmentation, Food Web, Need of Biodiversity Conservation, Human Elephant Conflicts, etc. Dr. M. Salahudeen, Assistant Professor of Zoology acted as Resource Person for this session.


The afternoon session began in the Zoological Museum, jointly coordinated by Dr. H. E. Syed Mohamed and Dr. R. Krishnamoorthy, Assistant professors in the Department. They explained to the Students on the significance of Museum and the enormous informations that the JMC Museum holds. Students were enriched with knowledge on zoological sample collections and preservation. Ancient collection of animals and fossil samples impressed the students. They were extremely thrilled and amazed visualizing the vastness of Animal kingdom.


             The final session for the day was on Human Blood grouping ably coordinated by Dr. S. Mohamed Hussain and Dr. P. Rajasekar, Assistant Professors in the Department. They young Students were given practical knowledge on how human blood is collected for grouping and they understood the significance of various blood groups and transfusion as well.

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