Department of Zoology

ANIMALIA 2K19 (Stale level Inter Collegiate Extravaganza)

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  • 2019

Animalia, a state level intercollegiate extravaganza as a part of National Wildlife Week celebrations were organized on 10th October 2019 in our College. This extravaganza mainly focuses on enriching young students to enhance their talents in typical fields on Life science and other areas of interest.

Dr. I. Joseph A. Jerald, HOD of Zoology welcomed the gathering. Mr. JEEVA, Assistant Director, Mehandi Circus Movie from the Cine field inaugurated the function. He emphasized on talent enrichment among students irrespective age to cultivate more interest in them in all fields for better life.

Mr. LENIN BHARATHI, Director of Merku Thodarchi Malai Movie joined the Valedictory function, given awards to the champions of various events. He motivated the young students to think out of box and achieve more in life.

Dr. A. K. Khaja Nazeemudeen, Secretary and Correspondent, Hajee. M. J. Jamal Mohamed, Treasurer, Dr. K. Abdus samad, Assistant Secreatary, Dr. Ismail Mohideen, Principal and the Management committee members joined the function and felicitated the gathering.

A number of events such as Hand painting, Rangoli, Mime, Quiz, just a minute, Mimicry, singing (solo), Photography, Taxonomist, Zoochef, Cartoonist were conducted and judges scrutinized the winners on the same day.

Nearly 200 Students from more than 20 Colleges had participated in 11 various Academic and Cultural Competitions and received prizes. Students of the Holy Cross College, Tiruchirappalli became the overall champions to whom bestowed the trophy and prizes.

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