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JAMCROP Activity - 2022 -23 - Experiential Learning Method

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  • 2023

          Jamal Mohamed College Reach out Programme (JAMCROP) is one of the Part V Activities included in the B.A. course curriculum. JAMCROP activity for I B.A. Arabic students was conducted on 04th March 2023 in two places i.e, Al Huda Orphanage, Airport, Trichy  and Majlisul Ulama Orphan Home, Khaja Nagar, Trichy.

       The students were divided into two groups.  The first group was sent to Al Huda Orphanage, Airport, Trichy. The designated students went to the orphanage, conducted an awareness programme on road safety, moral and ethics. Then they provided the writing materials and snacks to the students. After Asar prayer, the students involved in cleaning activities in the orphanage. All the students were engaged in the activities enthusiastically and energetically.

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