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  • Founder Treasurer K.Abdul Samad Memorial Block (Ground and I Floor), 1966

  • Jailani Basha Memorial Building, 1980

  • Parking Shed for Two Wheelers, 1985

  • Syed Hussainudden Hall (Conference Hall), 1991

  • Thanjavur Hajee M.M. Ismail Memorial Block, 1992 by Dawood Batcha and Abdul Khatheem

  • Concrete roof in the I Floor (South) of Jamal Mohideen Building by Alumni Staff Members

  • Krishnaswamy Naidu Memorial Basketball Court, 1995

  • Haji Minna Noordeen Block, 1997

  • Dubai Alumni Block (PG New Hostel), 2000

  • Hasan Rowther Library Hall ( Khajamian Hostel), 2001

  • Palani Keeranur Haji. K.N.S. Abdul Rahman Labbai.