Dear Students,

There is a great sense of excitement, joy and pride for me in seeing the realization of a dream: Jamal Institute of Management(JIM). We have created a world class educational facility at Jamal Mohamed College in a period of ten years. All our efforts are directed towards creating a world class business school.

I always carried the belief that all business leaders need to be entrepreneurial in their mindset. When I look around today, there is optimism and energy everywhere. Over the last decade, industrial growth has been rapid. No longer is it information technology led but all sectors of industry and specially manufacturing is making a big contribution to all round economic growth that we are experiencing. Indian entrepreneurs and organizations are making their mark on the global stage through acquisitions and green field ventures. The driving force for this economic resurgence is our Business Acumen. Jamal Institute of Management(JIM) will add one more dimension of an entrepreneurial mindset to management students on their journey to become successful business leaders of tomorrow. MBA will give students the strong foundation they need in business administration, financial management, marketing and much more. Additionally, students will receive an education in the skills they need to start and maintain successful businesses through courses in financing, organizational structure, strategy, developing viable business plans and much more. As they go through their courses, students will gain the foresight and expertise to take advantage of business opportunities, streamline the entrepreneurial process and ultimately build and sustain a viable business either of their own design or at the request of an employer.

I welcome all to join in the journey towards successful business leadership

Dr. A. K. Khaja Nazeemudeen D.Litt. (USA)    
            Secretary & Correspondent